This is a free fan game- if you are paying money for this game you are being ripped off!

If playing in browser, click on the title screen for sound!

What if Elden Ring released in 1993? Elden Ring GB is a demake of Elden Ring that runs on real retro hardware including all Game Boy consoles, as well as in emulators and on Analogue Pocket. You can also play it right here in your browser, though the other methods are recommended to allow for saving, better colours and higher accuracy. Explore all of the Precipice of Anticipation, Northern Limgrave and Stormveil Castle in this bite-sized demake experience made in GB Studio.

Hardware controls:

  • A in top down sections- roll
  • A in side on sections- jump
  • A in front of person or object- interact
  • B- attack
  • A + B + Select + Start- return to title screen

Browser controls:

  • Z in top down sections- roll
  • Z in side on sections- jump
  • Z in front of person or object- interact
  • X- attack
  • Z + X + Shift + Enter- return to title screen


  • How do I play the game on hardware?- Download the .gb file and write it to a flashcart. It is a standard Game Boy ROM under 2MB using MBC5. You can also use it with emulators like BGB. If you have an Analogue Pocket, download the .pocket file instead.
  • Why isn't there any music?- There is only music on the title screen. If playing in browser, make sure you click on the game to start the music. It's difficult to implement sound in GB Studio 3.0, but I would like to add more in the future.
  • Why did you only make Limgrave?- Because I need to find an actual job instead of working on this game. I would like to expand the game in the future, but no promises.
  • I found a bug! What should I do?- If you find a bug that you think is an obvious oversight, let me know on Twitter @shintendoYT. I am aware of the v1.0 0HP bug, and will fix it soon. Collision bugs and crashes are most likely due to GB Studio stability, and will hopefully be improved in the future.
  • I am crazy, how can I give you money?- The game is free. Wait until my next original project and buy that. 
  • When is this game getting updated, and what is your next project? Follow my Twitch, Twitter and YouTube for more info coming soon...

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gb-studio, Pixel Art, Retro, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


For Game Boys and emulators- elden ring gb 512 kB
For Analogue Pocket- elden ring gb v1.0.pocket 512 kB


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As someone who is a big fan of retro games and didn't play the original.

Very very fun game and challenging :)

that was a bit painful to follow :(


"is very cute i love it" - my babe, 2023


one bug but ok


That was so epic! I didn't knew how much I needed this, Thank you.



This is very cool, good job. I try this in part one of this video ( i'm french )


This is extremely cool, i have only a single small complaint.
Margit doesnt say "Put these foolish ambitions to rest!" if you die to him, otherwise very impressive and cool. 

where are the 9th and 10th runes?


this made some news headlines. GREAT JOB


Solid de-make! Kudos on the From-worthy difficulty level.

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Very nice game. I hope you will improve the game even more with additional areas and improved sounds + music 

good game but a few things i would like to see. 1 a dragon boss in the lake area since i'm pretty sure that area is meant to represent the dbr. A second of downtime after an enemy attacks so you have a chance to counter without hit trading, also for you to not take damage when you run into an enemy and to only take damage from their attacks. Different types of enemy attacks . A lot of the enemy's have the same moveset. You could change this by adding different weapons. 

Spears haver a quick thrust but don't do much damage

swords like the game has already have a wide sweep

greatswords akin to the sword but slower however deal huge dps 

and others im sure you could come up with

You could also make enemy's drop souls and stuff much like in the game which you can spend  100 increasing by 10 every level plus 10 every level so then you can level up things like damage speed and health max level being 30. ( make enemies drop low souls). Patches will sell the other weapon types that i mentioned. Final thing is for the areas to be a tad bigger so you have more room to fight and more enemy's can be placed rather than two per room.

Very good game though i played 100% through and if you keep updating cant wait to see other bosses and locations

I really enjoyed this game! It felt super polished. 

I made a video on it

Very cool, I made a video on it and just wanted to say that it was really fun.

It feels really authentic as both a de-make of Elden Ring and a gameboy game


For Italian Peoples:
Ho realizzato un video su Elden Ring GB, spero lo apprezziate


This is awesome! Did you just code this straight into C, it seems so well mad

The game uses the GB Studio 3.0 engine which is written in C. I used it without modification, and anyone else can use it too!

If you press the shift key and move in any direction your character will get bugt and move by itself

That was all kinds of rad! I hope you get time to expand it, and I'm looking forward to whatever your next project is!

this was fun, loved the boss battles

For some reason I can't start the game

if you donwload it you can use an emulator or just play on the site

emulator on steam=RetroArch


idk what this is..... but it said to send pic to Devs.....


im so dumb how do i start the game

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Great demake. Thanks so much for this. I covered it in my channel


please make this a game on google play, aka port to mobile. pls


You can run this on mobile via an emulator.

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Such an amazing little demake! Check out my long play:


I really hope there will be more.


Absolutely fascinating game with authentic GameBoy look! As a hardcore Souls fan from Evergrace to Elden Ring I really enjoyed this little cute "demake". For me it was MUCH easier than actual 2022 game, maybe because of 2D environment and lack of "soul system". That unique Zelda-esque style looks awesome! I even managed to get all 10 runes (Advice for novice players: CAREFULLY search Godrick's Castle!). Like in any soulslike game the greatest thing was Bosses, there are only 4 of them - Grafted Scion (hardest for me, but beatable, I just tested), Tree Sentinel (easier than original, just dodge more often), Margit (if you have at least 6 runes you can just stand in one position and smack him) and off course Godrick (awesome recreation, really, don't want to spoil). Waiting for complete version with most of locations!

I loved the game, but I think that the tenth rune is really hard to find, I only found it when dodging an attack.


I'd be very interested for a physical version, I'd be interested to discuss everything about it whenever you want, thanks 馃槉

That was fun! I could see why it's hard :D.

I got 9 Runes and still looking for the last one.


I would definitely buy a physical copy if possible. 

my gameboy color yellow can run thies but i rate it 3/10 (-7 poibnts for no lasgna!)

This is fantastic! Would definitely be interested in a phy$ical copy.


godrick try not to spam his fire directly infront of him for 0.0000001 second (literally impossible)

Just wrapped up a sick run! Legendary game bro

Just heard about this through the GameSpot newsletter! Many kudos and much respect on making it big time, Shin; it's always an honour to meet talented game folk.

Harder than the actual game, still love it tho!

im not sure what this means but it says send a pic to the devs and idk how to do that other than here

If you could tell me what area you were in when it happened that would be super helpful!

same thing happened to and it happed during the fight with the tree sentinel


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